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São Camilo Hospital

São Camilo Hospital - Hospital in São Paulo

The São Camilo Hospital Network of São Paulo comprises the units São Camilo Pompeia, São Camilo Santana, and São Camilo Ipiranga. Managed by the São Camilo Charitable Society, the units provide excellent hospital services by combining the human values that are part of the essential precepts of the religious order with the quality of a highly trained and committed staff and the permanent application of the latest knowledge and technologies in health care.

The units feature the entire hospital care infrastructure needed to cover from outpatient care and emergency assistance to the performance of highly complex surgeries in various medical specialties. Based on the concept of humanized health care, the team of professionals operates in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner. The units are equipped with more than 750 beds, a staff of approximately 5,000 employees (administrative and care areas) and around 3,800 registered physicians.

The proceeds of the services rendered by the three units allow us to perform additional work of great social importance, which is also aimed at health care. In that way, we subsidize the activities of 33 additional hospitals run by the São Camilo Charitable Society that offer health care services to the general public.

This website contains all the necessary information on our institution, its exclusive advantages, and the services it offers, based on a work philosophy whose purpose is stated in the first paragraph of the Bylaws of the São Camilo Charitable Society: “To provide health care to those who request it, without any distinction of any kind on the basis of nationality, race, political, or religious beliefs.”